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General Medicine

Dr Soeding and her team undertake comprehensive patient assessments, allowing overview of your physical and emotional health, based on principles of general and integrative medicine.

This includes:

  • Thorough medical history review
  • Physical examination
  • Health management plan formulation
  • Investigation
  • Treatment of identified problems

Women’s health:

  • Preventative measures
  • Pap smear & Breast checks
  • Sexual health, contraception
  • Menstrual problems
  • Peri menopause/menopause including hormonal and non hormonal treatments

Men’s health:

  • Health check
  • Preventative strategies
  • Problem resolution

Children’s health:

  • Nutritional strategies
  • Digestive problems
  • Detoxification
  • Diet modification
  • Supplementation when deficiencies are present
  • Iron infusions & other injectable or oral supplementation
  • Weight regulation

Skin checks:

  • Prevention and treatment of solar damage
  • Biopsy identification
  • Removal of suspicious lesions medically or with cryotherapy and surgery

Anti-ageing strategies:

  • Lifestyle modification
  • Supportive medical treatment
  • Cosmetic therapies


  • Schedule and selected travel vaccines